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Two millennia of winegrowing in France have enabled a host of different wines to emerge and mature in all of the country’s regions. Throughout the ages, generations of winegrowers have developed and enriched their wines in a relentless effort to improve the quality of their taste. To protect this unique expertise and to make it easier to explore this exciting heritage, a precise classification system was drawn up, harmonised on a European scale and revised in 2009. It determines different categories of wines:

Wines with a geographical reference

AOP : Appellation d’Origine Protégée (Protected Designation of Origin, PDO, in English)

These wines are produced on a specific terroir which, combined with natural and human factors, determines their quality and their characteristics. There are specifications that dictate how they are produced.

→ To find out more: visit the Confédération Nationale des producteurs de vins et eaux de vie de vin à Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées website.


IGP: Indication Géographique Protégée (Protected Geographical Indication, PGI, in English)

Formerly referred to as Vins de Pays, IGP wines are produced on land that gives them a certain quality, reputation or other specific characteristic. There are specifications that dictate how they are produced. One or more grape varieties may be mentioned on the labels of these wines.

→ To find out more:


List of AOPs and IGPs on the INAOwebsite: 
In Type/Catégorie select "4.1 Vins" 
In Signe select "AOP" or "IGP"

Wines with no geographical reference

  •  "Vin de France" wines - VDF

The term "Vin de France" covers French wines that contain the produce of a combination of different French winegrowing regions (there is no regional geographic reference). The grape variety and/or year may be mentioned.

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