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Wine law comprises several hundred laws and bills that govern how French wines and spirits are grown, produced and sold. These include dozens of EU regulations pertaining to wine, rounded off by a multitude of national regulations that can be modified if necessary. National and Community bills and laws stem from the implementation of Common Market Organisation (CMO) for wine, transposed into EC regulation 1234/2007. The political goals of common market organisation are: to balance supply and demand in the wine market, to eliminate interventionist measures in the markets by avoiding waste, and to channel the budget into more positive and pro-active measures of a nature to reinforce the competitiveness of European wines. CMO guarantees the protection of the environment in winegrowing regions. It also safeguards well-established, traditional quality policies and simplifies labelling rules in the interest of producers and consumers alike.  The legal framework is further explained in Commission regulations on how to apply this CMO and French laws. They address the issues, for example, of rules pertaining to wine classifications (names and categories), oenological practices specific to each category of wine, wine labelling, consumption and commercialisation. These measures can be described on several levels: at European level and incorporated at national level, or exclusively at European level, or exclusively at national level (reflecting French specificities).

Main regulations pertaining to wine

Community Regulations

 National Regulations

  • Bylaw of 26 April 2013: Authorising the creation of on-line "harvest declarations", "SV11", "SV12", "stock declarations", "OENO" and "DOSPROV" for computerised processing called "nCVI".
  • Decree 2012-655 of 4 May 2012: Pertaining to the labelling and traceability of wine products and certain oenological practices.
  • Decree 2010-1327 of 5 November 2010: Pertaining to official approval for operators and certification for wines that are neither PDO nor PGI but bear the name of the grape variety or the year.


Main regulations pertaining to spirits

Community Regulations


For further information, visit the websites listed below. Regulations pertaining to wine are presented per speciality, theme, measure and type:

For Community regulations: Eurlex.

For French national regulations:



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