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Light starters



In this instance, you will choose the wine in function of the seasoning on the salad. The freshness of raw vegetables will be complemented by a fruity and aromatic wine, but the sauce really will dictate your choice according to how strong and acidic it is, particularly in the case of a vinaigrette. Go for a white wine; it will not over-accentuate the bitterness of the salad. Choose lively and powerful tones that can stand up to all of the flavours in the salad.


Suggested wines

  • Saint-Romain, white
  • Clairette du Languedoc, white
  • Coteaux du Giennois, white

The bold choice

  • Cheverny, white

Tomatoes in olive oil

This is the epitome of summer dishes.  The acidic aspect of sun-gorged tomatoes is supported by the smoothness of the olive oil. Choose a wine that is not overpowering or it will smother the delicate taste of the tomatoes, and not too acidic. A fresh rosé is often recommended, but a young, fruity and well-balanced white can be a delicious alternative.


Vegetables in vinaigrette

The acidity of vinegar can be rendered even more complex when combined with some strong mustards, making the task of finding a wine to match the dish particularly tricky. Freshness is what we need here, to play down the sauce and shore up the taste of the vegetables. The ideal choice is an aromatic white, but a rosé can also play this role. The important thing is for the wine’s fruit to balance out the tang of the sauce.





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